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Join us on March 16th, 2024, from 6 pm to 10 pm for a distinctive Coaching Workshop tailored for women aspiring to grow or launch their online businesses.


HerSuccessJourney stands out as a specialized business workshop designed for entrepreneurs and those with aspirations of initiating their ventures.


Whether you've taken the leap already or are currently grappling with challenges such as sustaining a consistent income, attracting clients, establishing efficient systems, and promoting your brand, this workshop is crafted just for you.


This course is ideal for:
- Women seeking to break free from the 9-5 routine and earn money on their own terms.
- Ambitious women ready to construct a five-figure plus business.
- Women prepared to invest in themselves, show up, and take the necessary actions to build the business of their dreams.
- Women committed to trusting the process and maintaining consistency for tangible results.
- Aspiring Entrepreneurs.
- Business Owners.
- Side Hustlers.
- Startups.
- Hobbyists.
- Marketers.
- Influencers.


Throughout "HerSuccessJourney," our focus will be on addressing key areas, including:
- Securing the right Domain.
- Implementing effective Marketing Strategies.
- Registering your Business in your State.
- Learning how to Pay Yourself.
- Generating Consistent Sales.
- Understanding Shipping.
- Optimizing your Youtube/ Instagram/Tiktok/Facebook Growth by Increasing Followers, Likes, Engagement, and Sales (Banner templates).
- Implementing Advanced Email Marketing.
- Setting up a business bank account (Business Credit).
- Logo design.
- Initiating the process of Building Your Business Credit.
- Utilizing a list of Software (Free & Paid).
- Handling Customer Service (Hiring VAs & outsourcing order fulfillment).
- Obtaining Customized Packaging.
- Grasping the concept of Branding.
- Navigating Amazone StoreFront.
- Managing Google My Business.
- Understanding ChatGPT Demystified.

Course Goals:
- Establish a Profitable Online Business.
- Identify and assess Business Ideas.
- Develop a comprehensive Business Plan.
- Create a distinctive Business Brand.
- Formulate a Financial Budget.
- Innovate on Any Business Model.
- Build a Professional Website.


Why choose to work with me?
- I am a Christian-Certified Business Coach.
- Receive top-notch coaching and work quality.
- Your satisfaction is guaranteed – 100%.
- Gain access to training videos on our membership site.
- Enjoy ongoing support.


Participating in this Mastermind provides the following benefits:
- Access to all necessary materials.
- Excellent business coaching for expanding your enterprise.
- Elevate your business with curated e-commerce insights.


Get Along With You:
- An open mind.
- A collaborative attitude.
- An eagerness to learn.
- Active engagement.
- A fully charged Laptop or iPad.
- Approach networking with a positive mindset for a fruitful experience.


As a bonus, every participant will receive a free logo and a free website powered by Shopify!


Feel free to reach out to us at 786-300-1474.


Looking forward to meeting you.

Junie St Clair Your Coach!


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